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freedom ring" will go to marian wright edelman's children's defense fund. she wrote the foreword for the book, because she knew stanley, and she marched, and she knew martin luther king. so it was, it was wonderful to have her forward in this book. >> host: martin luther king and when wilkins come a driving down to the march. he was inside the car with them. >> guest: is just amazing, stanley is sort of like -- he's all over the place. there are some wonderful pictures in that book, two of them i think are outstanding. i had never seen a photograph of martin luther king smiling, or laughing. granted, martin luther king, jr. had very little to laugh about. his cause with serious, and he had a great deal of obstructionisdestructiontrying h under way. but there is that picture of him smiling. i mean, and you think of a time you have seen many pictures of him laughing? >> host: kitty kelley, with the production of these two books, are you out of the unauthorized out of the business? >> guest: well, i hope not, but they do take a long time. and i've tried to pick figures that truly ha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)